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Sealants Pave the Way to Healthy Teeth

October 25, 2021

Just because they’re just starting out in life doesn’t mean that young children and teenagers aren’t susceptible to gum disorders. Periodontal diseases can easily strike kids in that age range. 

We at the office of Chicago Office pride ourselves on our high standards of service and building strong, lasting doctor-patient relationships. You can feel confident that our pedodontists will treat your child using expert knowledge and skills. Our dentists and the rest of our staff offer youngsters gentle understanding and patience. Our soothing manner helps assuage their concerns so they can develop a positive attitude about getting dental care.

These periodontal diseases are not uncommon in children.

Chronic gingivitis: It makes gums swell, turn very red and bleed easily. Using a regular regime of brushing, flossing and professional dental care, chronic gingivitis is avoidable and treatable. If it isn’t treated, however, it can ultimately turn into a more intense type of periodontal disease.

Aggressive periodontitis: This disorder targets teens’ first molars and incisors. Aggressive periodontitis attacks and eats into the alveolar bone, which is the thick ridge of the jawbone that contains tooth sockets. 

Generalized aggressive periodontitis: It tends to show up around puberty and is characterized by gum irritation, and a lot of plaque and calculus (calcified dental plaque). This kind of periodontitis can loosen teeth. 

Teens are at a greater risk for periodontal disease due to the hormonal changes that accompany puberty. Progesterone and conceivably estrogen deliver more blood circulation to the gums, which can heighten the gums’ reaction to irritation such as plaque and bits of food. 

In addition to teaching your young child excellent oral health habits, it’s wise to check his or her mouth for bad breath, and bleeding, swollen, receding or bright-red gums.

At the office of Chicago Office, you can feel confident that our dedicated specialists have thorough and expert proficiency regarding any treatment procedure your child needs. For more information about our office and our other dental services, please don’t hesitate to call today for an appointment.

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