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Yummy Dental   Orthodontics | Orthodontic Emergencies, Sedation Dentistry and Pediatric Dental Exams
Yummy Dental   Orthodontics | Sealants, Sedation Dentistry and Why an Orthodontist
Yummy Dental   Orthodontics | Dental Cleanings, Pediatric Dental Exams and Teen Orthodontics
Yummy Dental   Orthodontics | Orthodontic Emergencies, Laser Dentistry and Why an Orthodontist

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Yummy Dental   Orthodontics | Orthodontics Overview, Sealants and Orthodontic Emergencies

At Yummy Dental & Orthodontics in ChicagoGlenview, your child’s smile is in the very best of hands! Our doctors provide compassionate, skilled, and experienced care to address the dental needs of children of all ages from infancy through adolescence.

A healthy smile for every child

Our goal is to help children establish a strong foundation for a lifetime of good oral health. With that in mind, we do our very best to make every visit to our office a positive and engaging experience. Our doctors, along with every member of the office team, are sensitive to the unique needs of children and understand just how to help them feel comfortable and put them most at ease.

Dental care can pose unique challenges for some children. Our office not only provides a compassionate and welcoming environment, but we are also well equipped to provide care for young patients with special needs or conditions that may make it difficult for them to sit in a dental chair. 

Our commitment to care

Remember, excellent oral health begins with proper oral care. At the office of Yummy Dental & Orthodontics, we emphasize the prevention of dental disease and provide gentle, precise, and compassionate care to keep your child’s smile healthy and bright! We’re dedicated to helping every child enjoy the benefits of excellent oral health!

We Treat Adults Too! Schedule An Appointment Today!

We welcome new patients and are available during and after regular office hours should a dental emergency arise. To learn more about the many dental services we provide, or to schedule an appointment for care, give us a call today.

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Yummy Dental   Orthodontics | Types of Braces, Teen Orthodontics and Orthodontic Emergencies